Sunday, November 29, 2015


Ok, so a bit of an update on the man front.  I have kicked Irish to the curb.  He was a scammer, asked me for money the other night so I kicked him good.  Last night I had my first date in 15 years.  I met a nice man and he asked me to dinner.  He's a nice man but not boyfriend material.  He's not lively enough for me.  If nothing else I've made a friend.  Good news is that the yarn I ordered for Irish will be used to make my brother a hat and scarf.  So he will benefit from Irish's stupidity.

I have been working on my sweater, procrastinating working on the hood for my friend's husband.  They are splitting up so I don't know if I should make it or not.  I need to start on the baby blanket, I think I will start that next week.  I may use the yarn for said friend's husband to make a hood for my daughter instead.

Well, I am off.  I have to go pick daughter up from my brother's house and do some shopping.  I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Knitting Adventures and a Man

My knitting is moving along quite well.  I will have pictures to post soon of the little one's in my hoods.  My friend's hat is almost done and I will start the hood this week so I can get it out and too the reciepents by Christmas.  I have not touched my sweater I am ashamed to say.  I have been to consumed by finishing the hoods and doing a little Christmas knitting.  I really need to get it done and get on the baby blankets I need to make and the other projects I want to get done before my trip to England and Scotland.  I have sooooo many projects in plastic ziplock bags with their patterns waiting for me.  And of course what do I do, I decide to take on two more projects.

Those two project tie into the second half of my post, a man.  After praying much and talking to a couple of friends about the situation with Irish, English and American, I decided to make a choice.  Of course I chose the obvious one, Irish.  He was so sweet and so nice, how could I make any other choice.  We are talking exclusively now and working our way up to meeting.  Taking things slow and easy.  I thought he was sweet before I made the choice and now, he's even sweeter.  Sends me lovely emails, we trade our devotionals that we get emailed to us.  We talk on the phone and text regularly and will move to skyping this week.  He's even called and prayed with me.  Any man that will do that, is something else.  We will see where it goes.  I am in no hurry and for the youngest I will take my time so she can adjust.  The two projects I have added are a hat and scarf for Irish.  He lives north of me in a colder climate and so I told him I would make a hat and scarf.

On the trip front, my tickets and hotels have been booked!!!!  I am over the moon excited about it!  I have always wanted to travel and this is going to be the first time out of the US.  This week I have to get my passport application sent and I have to get the picture taken.  If I could do cartwheels, I would be doing them right now. 

My stepmother called me after the attacks in Paris and wanted us to cancel our trips.  I said no.  One, our trip is almost a year away, two, God did not give me a spirit of fear.  If I lived in fear, I would never leave my house.  She says we shouldn't put ourselves in harms way and I countered that if it was my time to die no matter where I was, I would die.  I can be cautious and if there are problems when we get ready to go we can weigh the pro's and con's and make a decision then.  I refuse to live my life in fear.  If you live in fear, you don't live.  I have a friend in Israel, they live with daily bombings and threats of attacks and she does not live in fear.  I know by whose blood I have been saved and I know where I am going when I die.  I am not afraid.  I stand firm.

Pictures, I know, keep promising them.  I will try to get them loaded this week and will have a bunch to show you!

Have a good week and bless you all.

Thanksgiving Week

So many people say so many things about Thanksgiving.  I too will say a little.  I learned the true meaning of being thankful when my husband was sick and dying.  I have always had to be the strong one, the one that is good in a crisis and who takes care of things.  I am a bit prideful and stubborn too.  When struggling through the year of Mitchie's illness I didn't ask for help.  I kept plugging along as I normally did and just tried to do everything.  Then little by little, without me asking people did things for me.  It started with the first time he was in the hospital, I had not gone shopping for my daughter's graduation party, I hadn't bought one thing.  The day of the party, with me planning to run to the store, my Sunday School class stepped in.  They bought everything I would need to serve dinner and gave me money to cover the plane ticket from my trip to see my dying mother, that same week.  They blew me away.  Then dear friends came and cleaned my house and did my laundry.  Just little things and big along the way.  Things that mattered.  A friend taking me to get a pedicure.  Through all of it, even the worst, I got up every day and even if I couldn't pray, the words out of my mouth were Thank You Lord. 

So, my words to you are, be thankful.  Be thankful for every person you have in your life, for the simplest of things like getting up in the morning, and be thankful to the Lord for he gives us everything thing we have including the sun to shine above us and the comfort we need in the worst of times.

I am thankful to all of you.  The sweet messages and cards when Mitchie passed meant so very much to me.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Adventures in Meeting People....uh....Men

Ok, so I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I was venturing back into the world to meet someone special.  It's been almost two years since my Mitchie passed and I finally feel able and want to have someone in my life.  To be honest, I am lonely.  I miss having someone to talk to everyday, to share my life with.  I am being honest here, painfully so, but I don't see why I shouldn't be.  Everyone that has read my blog has been through the worst of it with me so, now you can laugh at the antics I am facing.

First-a random man messaged me on Skype.  I have no idea how he found me on there or even why he messaged me.  But, we talked for two months and were getting ready to meet when his true nature came out.  He wanted money.  Needless to say I kicked his sorry butt to the curb.  I was polite, but, very blunt and told him off.  I didn't shed a tear because I wasn't that vested in him.

Second-I joined a chat room.  Oh goodness me.  If you are a decent lady and are looking for people to talk to, don't do that.  I got more message from men wanting sex than I ever did when the internet was in it's infancy.  I did chat a few nice people on there but the negativity and meanness combined with the constant requests for sex put me off and I left the board.  I even had one married man, who said he was separated and wanting a divorce try to start up a relationship with me.  When I found out that he was indeed married I told him no.  Told him that if he were a decent man that he would end his life, with his wife, before trying to find someone else.

Third-I joined a Christian dating website.  I figured at least there I might find someone decent to talk to and maybe more.  After a week, I had to close my account.  Not for a bad reason, but because I got soooo many messages from men looking for a decent woman.  I honestly wondered if women like me are hard to find.  According to the responses I got, evidently they are hard to find.  I was talking to 4 men and when I got more messages I was overwhelmed and closed my account so I could focus on the four I was talking to.  Needless to say it quickly went to three because one wanted me to talk only to him, said he was moving this way from out west and he wanted a relationship with me.  After 3 days of talking.  He's on the west coast and I'm practically on the east coast.  Needless to say when I reminded him that I was talking to three other men as well, he got upset and quit talking to me.  I did feel bad.  I think I hurt him, and I had a melt down.  Behind all the bluster and humor that I present, I am a kind, tenderhearted person, I have no wish to cause someone pain. But, out of that has come something new.  I spoke honestly to the other three men, I had already told them that I was talking to other men and I wanted to make sure they understood that.  That communicating with them was a process for me to find someone who will make a good fit into my life.  Two of them said they understood but they don't like the idea of me talking to anyone else.  The third, was kind and understanding and knew I was having a rough day, so he called to check on me and make sure I was ok.  Just a short conversation as he was on his way out the door to go to church.  That kind gesture meant a lot to me.  So, I am still talking to the three of them to see where it will go.  I refer to them, when talking to my bestie, by their nationality- they all live in the US but two are from different countries.  So, they are the Irish, the English and the American.  The Irish is the fore runner, then the English and then the American.  I still have some reservations about the American but, that is a story for another time.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Knitting wise I have completed 4 hooded cowls now for friend's children.  I am working on a hat for a friend and have another hooded cowl for friend's said husband to make for Christmas.  I am also still plugging along on my sweater.  I have started the second sleeve.   I have been remiss in posting pictures but I will. 

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weather and Other Stuff

We are still getting rain from the hurricane.  It's been coming down like crazy and the temps have gotten cooler.  My boss keeps turning the air on and freezing me to death.  I want to turn on the heat and glue the button.

My youngest and I went to dinner with my brother and his family last night and it was nice.  We went to a little Japanese place in town.  Excellent food and not too pricey.

Right now my current wip is the Dark Pearl .  It's a lovely cardigan that has unusual construction.  The back and one side are knit in one piece, it's top down construction, you pick up and knit the sleeves.  The interesting part in the side button front panel.  it buttons on the left shoulder.  Can be worn open or buttoned and looks lovely.  My daughter picked it out for me.  I'm knitting with See Jane Knit Yarns on etsy and the colour way is Sand and Seaglass.  I am in love with this yarn and will have to buy more in another colour.  It is soft, has a sheen to it and knits beautifully.  She sends out a stitch marker with every skein of yarn as well.  Go check out the pattern and the shop.

I hop you are all having a good week.