Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finished Project

I know I have been promising pictures of projects and I finally have one to post.  Here is my Leftie, I still have to weave in some ends but I'm very happy with it.  Excuse the picture, it was taken late at night and I was tired!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I think I've mentioned a new addition to our family, a little calico kitten named Poppy.  She is the sweetest thing and she's a talker.  She squeeks, chirps, and growls.  She has fit into our little family very well, she adjusted to Samson and Winston and plays with them a lot.  It's funny to see Samson, who is a BIG cat, not fat, he's BIG, chasing this little tiny petite kitten through the house, but, she loves it.  Last night she decided she wanted to sleep on me.  Samson does the same thing, he will, when I am on my side, lay in the curve of my body with his head on my shoulder.  Poppy did that last night and I could feel her tail curving around my back.  It was so sweet and she lulled me to sleep.  Simple things in life that need to be appreciated.

My computer issues abound.  It's so funny.  Get my laptop and get ready to get back on line and I lose internet connection.  They were giving me a hard time about fixing it so, I told them to disconnect the service and my home phone.  I went through my cell company and they are cheaper!  I don't need a home phone, I have my cell and 2 gigs is only 19.99 so, that's what I did.  After having said all that, my internet time will be limited from now on.  But honestly, on the way to work I started thinking about how much time is sucked away by the computer.  I spend way too much time on the computer, hours every evening, playing games, watching videos, and just putzing around.  So, I think this is a good thing.  My youngest is not happy with me, she won't be able to stream videos anymore but neither will I.  I will have to reserve my video watching until I am somewhere with free wifi.  So, I think, it's a good thing.  I will have more time to do other things.  I will check my email, check facebook, and ravelry and blogger and then I'll be done for the night. 

On the crafting front, I have my niece's veil to finish, and bracelets for her bridesmaids to make and then I'm done with the wedding stuff.  I need to get started on her gift.  I'm making her pot holders, and wash clothes and table trivets for her gift.  And I have a newsboy cap to make for my grandmother.  She asked for one and of course I have to make it.

Well, time for me to begin my work day.  You guys have a blessed week and I'll post again later.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Back Online

Got my new computer and am back up and running.  Got a fab deal from Dell, a computer with a tablet for free.  Now I can take my tablet to work with me and watch my podcasts at lunch without being tied to my desk.  I am excited about that.  The new computer is going to take a little getting used to, I am a dino I like the old set up, this new opening screen is a little confusing. 

Unfortunately, I have not been knitting much.  There seems to be so much going on and so much to do, especially since the oldest has gone to Iowa.  I have to find someone to keep my youngest during the day and the house work and clothes and dishes don't do themselves.  She had really stepped up a lot to help after Mitch died.  It's going to be interesting to get everything done without her.  She will be home in a few weeks and then she's off to Mississippi.  I am sure gonna miss her.  She's just gotten fun and I could say things to her that I couldn't when she was younger and now she's leaving.

I am still searching for a job and praying about whether or not I should pick up and move closer to my parents are to Florida.  Honestly, I don't like living in Florida, I hate the heat so I don't know if I want to move down there again.  Feels kinda selfish to me because I am thinking of myself instead of my parents and my grandmother.  I'll have to think and pray more.

I hope this finds all of you well.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Behind and Getting Behinder

It seems Satan is conspiring against me again.

We got back from vacation, my home computer is dead, will not even turn on.  I don't have the money right now to even take it to be looked at.  Yesterday, when I left work last night the car wouldn't start.  Plus I am facing an issue with SSA concerning the SS benefits from Mitch's death, they want to take them away from me.  A lot at once to deal with and I'm a little overwhelmed.  I am behind on all of my podcast watching, behind on my knitting, behind on the flowers for my niece's wedding and behind on mailing things out to people.

Even in all of this, though I am discouraged and looking around and saying what do I do?  God answered a prayer today.  A friend of mine wanted to go to a Christian gathering but she didn't have money to go and the church's they asked for help from refused.  A pastor visited her today and said that he would help her get there and help her once they got there to make sure she wasn't isolated.  I have been, on the inside, dancing and jumping up and down.  God shows us He can do what we think is impossible.  Me in my little mess needed that encouragement today.

My posting may be spotty and my comments on blogs may be few for a while.  Until I figure out the computer situation, the only one I have use of is my work computer. 

Get up and dance like no one is looking, just for the simple joy of it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Family and Rethinking What is Important

Since Mitch died my perspecitve on a lot of things has changed.  It's made me think about what is important and what matters most.  I read a post on another blog about this blogger being critizied for not being more than he is.  He scrapes by, month to month, on his own talent and doesn't live a materialistic life-no big screen tv, no car, just a 10x12 room he rents and HE'S HAPPY!!!!  You know, I have to wonder  when or how we have wandered so far from where we are supposed to be.  I'm going to be honest and if it offends I will no apologize.  We are meant to take care of each other.  Those that have should help the ones that have not.  I will go far as to say that the Bible-the teachigs of Our God and Savior demands that we do just that.  Reach out to help our fellow man.  I do.  I'm not saying that to shame anyone or to puff myself up.  I say it to say that if someone like me can help out someone by giving them 25 bucks a month to help pay their rent why the world shouldn't I? If we actually did what the Good Lord wants us to do, how nice the world would be?  Can you imagine non-selfish people helping out those that need help, the haves helping the half nots.  Not fighting, crime rate would go down. 

I went to see my family in Florida this weekend.  It was a short trip got there Wed and left on Sat.  I go home to find my lovely grandmother getting frailer by the month, my father is getting older and is getting forgetful too.  My parents are doing their best to help grandma but they need some time off.  they don't get it off very often.  The stress is difficult, neither of my parents get much rest because they have to be up often to help her in the night.  It wears them down.  I know what it's like after taking care of Mitch for 8 months. It makes me feel like I need to be there to help them.  Spell them out so they can get out once in a while. 

All of this thought has brought me to something I really need to think about.  I am thinking that I need to sell my home and pick up and move closer so I can help them.  I would love to have them move up here but Grandma won't leave. If I move about 4-5 hours south of where I am I could find another job and only be 3-4 hours away from them so I can go down and spend time.  I've lost so much of my family lately that I have the over whelming need to draw closer to the remaining family I have.  I had been thinking just a career choice, but now I am thinking a whole life change.  I like where I live, I love the area but I am willing to leave it to be closer to those that need me.  I am going to have to seek out wise counsel to help me make the correct decision.

Just wanted to tell you what was on my mind.  I had a lovely time with my family and want to be back down there again soon. 

Re evaluate what's important to you.  We are in the end times; so make the time we have left count. Teach the faith, reach who you can, and help as much as you can.