Sunday, October 12, 2014

Completing Projects and Planning and SAFF

First my FO's:

 My finished Siren Sleeves made with Gnome Acres Backwoods Gnome on size 6 needles.
 An Oak Leaf and Flowers for my friend Denise for her stick tree.
Completed hat for my Grandma with a pin I found at an antique store.

I am still working on my Nurmilintu in Gnome Acres Stars Hollow.  I'm in the first lace section.  This is a learning experience for me, I haven't done a pattern with a chart before.  It's interesting and I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I have another shawl on the needles but I'm not happy with it so I think I'll be looking for another pattern for it because it's a special yarn that my friend Elly dyed and I want it to be pretty.  I have my stalled sweater on the needles and I'm going to pull it back out and start working on it again.  I am also still working on the stuff for my friend Heather's kids.  I need to get it finished. 

On another front I finished my bathroom on the 6th.  It would have been my 13th anniversary and I took the day off.  I went to Mitch's grave and put flowers out.  Then instead of wallowing in my grief I finished my bath.  I could hear Mitchie fussing in my head because I have taken 10 months to finish it.  I think it turned out nice.  Before and After:

I have other projects I want to do.  One major one is my craft room.  I need to get some paint and hole filler and get the walls done.  I'm going to have Maggie finish taking the wall paper boarder off the walls and then I can get started.  I'm still dragging my feet on what I want to do but I'll get it figured out.

On the knitting front, I have lots of yarn that I want to make things with.  I haven't decided on what I want to do yet.  Finishing my sweater is first other than my shawl.

Now, for traveling plans!!!  I am going to SAFF!!!  I was chatting with a friend of mine this weekend and she said she'd like to go but her husband is working and she doesn't want to go alone.  So, Maggie and I are going!  I've never been before and I am so excited to be going!  I promises to be a good time.

I went to the apple orchard with my sil this weekend and ended up with another bushel and 1/2 of apples and 8 pie pumpkins.  I am going to be cooking like a wild woman.  I cook the pumpkins down and put them in the freezer and I am planning on making apple sauce and apple pie filling and canning them. 

Well, gotta go check on dinner.  You all have a great week.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Some people say the only constant thing in this world is change.  Me, I don't believe that, I believe the only constant thing in this world is God. 

Change is something we all face, something that comes whether we want it or not.  Why do we hate change, why do we welcome it?  My thought process was sparked by a post from a friend of mine on Facebook.  Things are constantly changing, there are seasons, birth, death, climate change, etc.  Why, because that's the way God made the world and made us.  Whether you accept God or not, He brings changes into our lives.  Changes to make us grow, to think, to evolve.  Yes I said the evolve word.  We do evolve.  When we become believers, we change.  Maybe not physically, but in our hearts and our minds.  The things we do are affected as well as the way we think.  Things we accepted previously, that we applauded before, become things we dislike.  God affects this change in all of us.  He does not wish for us to stay in our sinful nature He wants for us to evolve into something better.  To take His example and become more than a sinful creature ruled by our whims or sex drive.  (Yes I said sex too.)  Sometimes we feel powerless, when change comes unexpectedly.  I got pregnant with my second child 16 days after I got married to my husband Mitch.  I was not a happy camper.  I didn't want to be pregnant.  We had all but decided to not have children and weren't sure that we could anyway given my husbands medical history.  God planned a child for us, she was up in heaven waiting and He said, "ha, ha, you just thought you weren't going to have a child" not literally of course but in my mind.  He has a sense of humor I believe, he gave us one.  Then came the change last year that I never wanted.  Losing my husband has been so hard.  It's harder than when I divorced my first husband for infidelity.  But that's the thing.  I grew and changed when I had my second child and I grew and changed more when my husband passed.  I have fought change, I have fought doing what I know God wants from me, when I don't want to change.  When He weaves in and out of our lives He sets things in motion, to make us change, grow and become what He wants for us.  I am now facing another change.  My SS teacher is leaving the church we've been at for a long time.  I knew it was coming.  I knew that there have been problems in the church for a while and we have lost some very good families in the last year.  In the sense of good, I don't mean stature, I mean people who live the Word and teach it faithfully.  So I am at a crossroads myself.  I have been thinking of leaving because I cannot bring myself to stay without Mitch.  Change is coming, I have been feeling it for a while and have been waiting for an indication that I move.  I think I have received it.  So, to continue growing in the way God wants my family to grow, I will embrace the change and move forward.  Change is scarey but with change comes adventure, new experiences and a chance, a chance to become more.  If you are a Believer, embrace change, embrace the hardships, God is trying to move in you or through you.  If you aren't a Believer, please become one.  If I hadn't had my faith through the last several months, I don't know where I would be.  I can't imagine how people deal hardships without Him.  It doesn't mean we won't have them, it just means that we have someone to talk to and to lean on when we do have them.  It also puts you in the unique position of having a family, a church family who loves and supports you through those hardships as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

FO Finally!!!

 My Capaspinka Cowl made from Three Irish Girls Waterlilies.  Pattern is on Ravelry.

 My Fishtail Cowl.  This one is my own design, made with Gnome Acres Back Woods Gnome.  My eldest bought me the yarn for Christmas last year.
 This is my Nympalidea Shawl, made from Gnome Acres Gnome of the Lake and Gnome Acres Deep Blue Something.  Love this one lots.

I have one more that I need to block and then I will be done with my finished projects for a while.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Excitement and Trepidation

 Bridesmaids Bouquets for my niece's wedding
 Flower Girl Dress for my niece's wedding, I helped to make
 Guest Painting painted by my daughter for my niece's wedding.  The guests will put a finger or thumb print on the branches to be leaves and then sign them.

My niece's veil, I made.

 And lastly, my niece's bouquet that I made.

I am looking forward to the wedding and not wanting to got the same time.  It's all of Mitch's family and I am going to be missing him so much.    I'll try to post more pictures later.  I have a ton of photos saved just having felt like slogging through them.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finally have internet again....

I finally have home internet again.  I've been almost two months without it.  It's not been fun for me because I am so far behind on my podcast watching that it's going to take me a while to catch up.  I am listening to one now while typing.

So much has been going on that I don't know where to start.

My youngest started back to school and I had someone to watch her-for a week- and then she couldn't watch her anymore.  I was going to ask my sil that lives close to me to take her after school but it wasn't going to be convenient for her.  I talked to my brother and he told me to move her over to his kid's school and they would take her after school for me.  I really think it was meant to be because two days after we talked about it everything was set up and she started at the new school on Monday.  She likes her teachers and the kids she goes to school with.  She was upset the first day I told her and since then she's been fine.  After school, at least two days a week she will be doing martial arts training.  My niece and nephews are doing it and since she was sitting there doing nothing my sil asked her if she wanted to join.  She tried it out and loved it and so..... She will also be doing softball as well.  The basketball coach wants to recruit her but she doesn't want to do it, she wants to stick to softball.

Things at work came to a head finally and my boss, the office manager and I had a long conversation about stuff going on in the office.  I cleared the air.  He didn't have much to say but at least I said what I wanted.  We'll see if things change in the months to come.  He's considering letting one of his assistants go and I hope it's the one I would really like gone.  I do still have feelers out for a new job.  If my brother gets the stores he's trying to buy, I hope to go back to work for him.

I will be working some this summer I hope, I talked to my friend this weekend and she wants me to come back to work with her.  We have so much fun together even when we are working int he awful heat.  I love her and she blesses me so much when I spend time with her.

On the knitting front, I have finished several things but I have to block them and as soon as I have them blocked I will be taking photos and putting them up for you to see.  I have finished 3 shawls and a cowl.  Right now I am working on another cowl, and a hat for my grandmother.  I have a sweater on the back burner that I need to pull out and get finished.  It just needs the sleeves and the banding around the whole sweater.  I'll be taking my knitting to the marshal arts studio to knit while wating for Maggie. 

Maggie's room is nearly set up.  I have a few things left to pick up for her room and some stuff to hang posters on the wall and it'll be done.  She's loving having her own room with a door that closes.  I hope she keeps it neat.   I need to finish painting my bathroom and then I need to get the stuff out of Maggie's old room so I can get that decorated to my taste.  I really want a pretty color and I want bible verses to put on the walls.  Will have to find special things for the walls.  One friend that has been painting, painted a picture for me and will be sending it and she says it goes in my craft room.  I have commissioned a friend to do a felt picture for my bedroom.  I need something for my bathroom too.  Once "the Craft Room" is finished I have to get the desks and my cabinet in the room with the extra dresser.  I think I'll have enough room just have to create.  I also want a cube thing to put my yarn in. 

Eventually the dining room will be back where it's supposed to be, the den will be the den and then my living room will have a couch!  We having had one in years! 

I really need to do a spreadsheet of yarns and projects that I need to do and put it in order.  I need to do the same thing with projects that I want to do in the house in a order that is manageable. 

Ok, I think I have blathered enough.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and a nice holiday.

God Bless and Keep You and May His Face Shine Upon You