Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I seriously want to be in bed, I'm tired but my mind won't shut off. I need to get some more sleeping pills but I have to wait to see if I get approved for free meds since I've lost my ins. I'm really wishing I had a tin roof on my house, it's pouring outside and I love the sound of rain on a tin roof. I've been finding some good recipes on pinterest lately. If you don't pinterest, I recommend that you try it because there's good ideas on it. I have pinned so many crochet and knitting ideas, party ideas, graduation party ideas, wedding, home, yard, craft, etc. Go check it out! I haven't been reading lately. I am kinda burned out and I am waiting for books to come out in the several series that I am reading. I've been knitting and crocheting quite a lot. I nearly finished the second mitt tonight and will get the head band done so I can give it to Lizzie this weeekend. I am hoping to get enough money for my birthday so that I can buy yarn to make myself a sweater. I purchased the book, big girl knits recently and I want to make a sweater out of the book. I also want to purchase some sock yarn so I can try out the sock book that Erin at The Knitting Squid sent me. Well, I think I've blathered enough, gonna find something to do until I get tired enough to sleep. Night all!


Red said...

Love the sound of rain. I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. I'm listed under Mrs. Baer. Find me so I can follow you!!

Cris said...

I hate nights like that.... the mind just won't stop, no matter what you try. There is a picture I saw on Pinterest... that was like one sheep, two sheep, three big trains, a cow, goat, HEY macarana.... or something like that. hehehe

mkonieczki said...

I wish I were back in bed too. I'm actually counting down until I'm able to go home and get back in my jammies. Hopefully, you can knit yourself into a coma and get some rest.

FoFo said...

Thanks Ladies!

Red I'll hunt you up.
Cris I haven't seen any posts other than your year to date ones, are you doing ok.

I finially went to bed around midnight. I surfed the net until I got tired.

Pumpkin said...

I have many of those nights, guided meditation is the only thing that helps me through. I hope you get to make a sweater soon! They are so rewarding. Good luck with the WIPs!