Sunday, March 2, 2014

Relaxing Weekend

We had drama at the school again on Friday and I had to leave work to go talk to them again.  But, I want to be positive so I am not going to talk about it now.

Saturday morning we slept late and then got up and went to my friend Karen's house.  She's had 8 kids born in the last week.  We got to see the babies, and hold them, then went to see the bunnies, chickens and cows.  It was so much fun!  The kids really enjoyed themselves.  We watched the new Thor movie and Elysum.  Both were good.  Today we slept late again.  The oldest and I went to the grocery store and since then we've been relaxing.  It's been nice.  I'm about to start another project.  I have had some lovely blue Microspun in my stash for 3-4 years.  I had made a top with it and it turned out horrible so I frogged it.  I've decided to try Dinner at 8 , another Lion Brand pattern, to see how it turns out.  I want to do my summer knitting.  I did a bit of stash enhancement today.  My oldest bought me a skein of Gnome Acres in the Backwood Gnome Sparkle Base so I ordered a second one so I can make myself something and then I ordered two skeins of Stars Hollow on the Sparkle Base too.  I know the Stars Hollow is a fall color but I couldn't resist!  I still have not received my yarn that I ordered in January.  Not sure why.  May have to cancel my order and order directly through the company.  What I ordered is for summer knitting so I'd really like to get it soon.  Lets home it will be here soon.

Well, I'm off.  I am going to hunt up my crochet hooks, some how quite a few are missing from my case so I need to find them.  Have a great week!


Lily Razz said...

Isn't it lovely if you want to sleep late, and you can?! I always love the feeling when I don't have any obligations in the weekend-mornings, even when I don't sleep late! I can't wait to see your next cast on!

Chrisknits said...

Sorry the drama continues. Will keep praying for you girl and you. I find a lot of my needles are in projects! Oops!

FoFo said...

Thank you Chris! Prayers are very appreciated.

It is lovely Lily. I'll post a link to the pattern.