Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I think I've mentioned a new addition to our family, a little calico kitten named Poppy.  She is the sweetest thing and she's a talker.  She squeeks, chirps, and growls.  She has fit into our little family very well, she adjusted to Samson and Winston and plays with them a lot.  It's funny to see Samson, who is a BIG cat, not fat, he's BIG, chasing this little tiny petite kitten through the house, but, she loves it.  Last night she decided she wanted to sleep on me.  Samson does the same thing, he will, when I am on my side, lay in the curve of my body with his head on my shoulder.  Poppy did that last night and I could feel her tail curving around my back.  It was so sweet and she lulled me to sleep.  Simple things in life that need to be appreciated.

My computer issues abound.  It's so funny.  Get my laptop and get ready to get back on line and I lose internet connection.  They were giving me a hard time about fixing it so, I told them to disconnect the service and my home phone.  I went through my cell company and they are cheaper!  I don't need a home phone, I have my cell and 2 gigs is only 19.99 so, that's what I did.  After having said all that, my internet time will be limited from now on.  But honestly, on the way to work I started thinking about how much time is sucked away by the computer.  I spend way too much time on the computer, hours every evening, playing games, watching videos, and just putzing around.  So, I think this is a good thing.  My youngest is not happy with me, she won't be able to stream videos anymore but neither will I.  I will have to reserve my video watching until I am somewhere with free wifi.  So, I think, it's a good thing.  I will have more time to do other things.  I will check my email, check facebook, and ravelry and blogger and then I'll be done for the night. 

On the crafting front, I have my niece's veil to finish, and bracelets for her bridesmaids to make and then I'm done with the wedding stuff.  I need to get started on her gift.  I'm making her pot holders, and wash clothes and table trivets for her gift.  And I have a newsboy cap to make for my grandmother.  She asked for one and of course I have to make it.

Well, time for me to begin my work day.  You guys have a blessed week and I'll post again later.

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Chrisknits said...

Our internet is twc and they suck! Wish we could get a better deal with verizon, but i doubt it.