Sunday, August 10, 2014

Relaxing Today

I had "girls night" with the ladies from our Sunday School Class.  It  was great as always.  I really enjoy sitting down and chatting with everyone.  The ladies in my class are all close  Maggie spent the night with a friend so I was home alone last night.  I slept until 10 am when the child came home long enough to change clothes and go somewhere else with her friend and her family.  So I am having a relaxing morning, enjoying my coffee and puttering around on the computer.  I have managed to clean both bathrooms with the exception of the floors, which will be done by lunch time.  Then I will tackle one room at a time until the house is clean. Hopefully Maggie will be home at some point to help with the cleaning.  Yes, I knot, I said Relaxing, but that's what I'm doing.  Cleaning is not bad for me.  I'm doing it on my time instead of rushing to get everything done in a rush so I am relaxing.

On the knitting front, I am going slow but steady.  I have completed my Lefty shawl, completely in love with it and will definitely make another one!  My Nymphedelia shawl is coming along.  I am also working on a blanket for a friend's little girls to share with mommy, for when they are reading stories or just snuggling.  when I get that blanket done then I will be making one for her sons and husband too.  My office cardi has taken a back seat for now but it will be picked up and finished before long.  My tank is hibernating right now, I don't like the pleats in it so I have put it aside for now.  I did find a pattern for the beautiful lace yarn I purchased from FO & Dye.  It's called No Fuss Shade Loving Shawl.  Looks like it's fairly simple.  I have lots of other things in my que that need to be worked on but I'll get to them soon.

Maggie starts school soon.  Thankfully my sil and her friends mom have offered to keep her after school until I get off from work.  I have bought her school supplies and some clothes.  I will have to buy her some jeans later on.  She's still growing so I figured I would wait until she needs them before I buy them.

Well, I'm off.  Going to go get a second cup of coffee and get back to cleaning.  I hope all of you have a blessed weekend.

***Up Coming***
I will be redoing Maggie's room and making it into my craft room and she will be moving into her sister's room.  She


Chrisknits said...

Thanks again for the stuff to sell for the church fundraiser. If you haven't already noticed I tagged you for a blog thing. Hope over to my blog to read all about it. I am getting ready to take over a room upstairs to craft in. Once College Girl goes back to school. It's bright bubble gum pink! Should get my creative ideas going, or make me jumpy. Who knows! LOL

FoFo said...

Chris you are most welcome, I was happy to do it. I will go and see. Bright pink would give me a headache. I am about to get my craft room back, I'll post pictures, gotta paint. Post pictures of yours as well!